For the meat, bakery, fruit & milk industry we deliver the following ingredients:


*            Agar Agar

*            Alginates, Na, Ca, K

*            Carrageenan and semi-refined PES

*            CMC 0,7 and 0,9 and 1,1 DS

*            Fibers: wheat, citrus, pea

*            Gelatine, various: skin, bones, veal, pigs, bovine, also Halal available

*            Gellan Gum

*            Guar Gum and derivatives (h.p. and c.m.)

*            Inulin and derivatives (c.m. and di-carboxy, bio-degradable, dispersants)

*            Konjac Gum and synergistic blends

*            Locust Bean Gum

*            MC and HPMC, L-HPC

*            MCC micro crystalline cellulose

*            Pectin, LM, LMA, HM and buffered types

*            Scleroglucan (pharma grade)

*            Starch derivatives (c.m. and h.p.)

*            Tara Gum and synergistic blends

*            Xanthan Gum (food and technical grade)



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