Nos ingrédients speciaux pour l’industrie pétrolière:

fluid loss control agents

*            CMC, PAC, pHpA and Starch polymer (API requirements of June 2007)

*            Viscola FLC, non fermenting. A specialty starch derivative (CMS)

*            Cementing additives (HEC, Wellan Gum, dispersants)

*            Fracturing polymers (HPG)


drilling fluid additives

*            Polymers high viscosity, PAC-R and CMC-hv, API requirements of June 2007

*            Anti-scaling agents (against CaCO3 and sulfate formation), bio-degradable !

*            Bentonite extenders, bead (round) particles for fast mixing

*            Biocides: environmentally friendly types, liquid

*            Emulsifier, liquid to reduce torque and drag for water based muds

*            Guar Gum with/without biocide (fast hydrating Guar)

*            HEC

*            Phosphonates

*            Shale inhibitor pHpA

*            Starches (API 13a), non-fermenting, CMS

*            Viscosifier, easy soluble for water well drillers

*            Xanthan Gum, counter types from XC and XCD

*            Zn-Bromide


ingrédients pour l’industrie